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Water for All

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Water for All

Reviving River Kali- An effort to prevent a debacle

Rainwater Harvesting- Recharging the Depleting Ground Water

Water Sensitive Irrigation- Use only what is necessary. more>>

Health & Hygiene

An important factor uncared for Due to the meagre income in the agriculture based and labour based families, health and hygiene is a factor on which expenditure is considered to be a burden on the family’s economy. more>>



Research and Relief Society is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1998. It is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the service of the society since more than a decade now. It has been associated with various programs committed towards a better and sustainable society to live in. It strives at an over-all development of the region and thus has been engaged in activities with a focus on the development of rural and marginalised community.

Our Mission

The society has taken various initiatives with an aim to create motivation towards education, promotion of organic farming, provision of safe and clean drinking water for all etc.

We are a team of committed young souls working towards a better society to live in, with respect to the economy, environment, education etc. Our focus is on the emancipation of the rural and marginalised communities in the society.

It is worth noting that over 70% of our population still dwell in the rural India and out of them 80% are dependent on agriculture. With the advent of industrialisation and urbanisation, and with the rate of disguised unemployment rising in the villages, migration has taken a toll on the rural community. The situation still is worth a pity as the migratory workers are engaged in activities like daily wages based labouring etc, which again is not a guarantee for the permanent employment.
Organic Farming - From Debts to Riches

Reviving River Kali - An effort to prevent a debacle

SANDESH -A hope for the forgotten

PRERNA- A beginning towards a better life

Global Warming
Using Biodegradable waste in the appropriate way.

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